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New Main Team: Legend Y

In the last month, our operations team has been working to find new talent able to compete in tournaments that are really important and that can represent FC Gaming in the most difficult matches of the various tournaments played.
We are pleased to announce our new Main Team.

Team formed by people already well known in the scene and in the Russian territory, people who, with the formation of the previous teams, gave them better bringing with it really exciting results and that, thanks to the latter, they managed to take the place of Main Team.

The new team was created in 2016 with some members who, over time, no longer wanted to continue, but as we know, the stronger mentally/in Game player remain.

And it is thanks to them that we now have this new team:

Dmitry “REGIK” Gavrilenko
Vlad “hardBOSS” Gavriluk
Victor “esp1k” Belsky
Ruslan “DuDa” Dudov
Evgeny “wayrez” Savenko

There is also a good and private Coach in this Team.

Many, as we said, are the tournaments in which they participated and to which they have obviously achieved excellent positions:

4th in Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #334 powered by Intel

4th in Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #335 powered by Intel

3rd in Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #336 powered by Intel

Others are really sweaty evvents in which they managed to enter trough Qualifiers under our name:

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