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New CS:GO 2nd Main Team

In the last month, our operations team has been working to find new talent able to compete in tournaments that are really important and that can represent FC Gaming in the most difficult matches of the various tournaments played.

We are pleased to announce our new Main Team.

Team formed by people already well known in the scene and in the Georgian territory, people who, with the formation of the previous teams, gave them better bringing with it really exciting results and that, thanks to the latter, they managed to take the place of Main Team.

And it is thanks to them that we now have this new team:

xoshty – In Game Leader/2nd AWP
chujoi – Entry Fragger
t1st – Awper
barny – Rifler
focus Rifler/Support

Many, as we said, are the tournaments in which they participated and to which they have obviously achieved excellent positions:

LAN Achievements
1st – IeSF World Championship Georgian Qualifier 2018 + 5x XPG H30 EMIX Headsets Limited Edition
1st – Cyberfield Tbilisi Cup 2017 by eSports.Ge (1180$ prizepool)
1st – IeSF World Championship Georgian Qualifier 2017 (850$ prizepool) + 5x HyperX Cloud II
1st – CS:GO Launch Cup 2017 by eSports.Ge (1250$ prizepool) + 5x HyperX Cloud II
1st – IeSF World Championship Georgian Qualifier 2016
1st – Georgian Community Cup 2016
1st – Venatus Championship 2015
1st – Cyber 1v1 Georgian Tournament 2018 (50$)
13-16th – IeSF World Championship 2017 Busan, South Korea
9-12th – IeSF World Championship 2016 Jakarta, Indonesia
17-24th – IeSF World Championship 2018 Kaohsiung, Taiwan

ONLINE Achievements
1st – eSports.Ge Weekend Cup #1 (200$ prizepool)
1st – GiR Promotional 2018 (200$ prizepool)
1st – NGG European Tournament
1st – GCSF Winter Championship 2016
4-5th – CEVO A-Season 10
4-5th – WESG Starladder Regional Qualifier
1-9th – TWC European Qualifier Round I
13-24th – TWC European Qualifier Round II
16th – DreamHack Open Tours 2017 Europe
4-5th places – Gfinity Cups
1st place – Omen by HP Tournament (80Euro)
1st place – DreamHack 2v2 Tournament (50Euro)
2nd place – DreamHack 2v2 Tournament (30Euro)
1st place – ESL Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #350 (100Euro)
1st place – ESL Go4CS:GO Europe Cup #352 (100Euro)

This team will take the name of ‘FC Gaming GE’ and it will be the team who represent us at 360 degrees together with the Russian Team that is already present.

You can also find our team on ESL and on the other platforms.

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